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I help the military community by bridging the gap between military business owners struggling to understand the civilian market’s buying habits, and vice versa! You can stop struggling and take back the two most valuable things to you and your family…TIME and RESULTS.

  • At 19 years old, I had a successful photography company that brought in dozens of clients a month.
  • At 20, I was consulting and working with national companies, small businesses, and mom and pop shops running their marketing and social media strategies.
  • At 22, I had graduated with a master’s degree from a top private university…completely debt free.
  • At 23, I was a marketing director for an international military program.

No fancy website, no advertising money spent, and no marketing team.

Why am I the exception? Because “social media assistants” claim to understand social media, but don’t understand the strategic analytical data behind it. Social media is not about pressing the “post” button. It’s about true engagement, brand loyalty, relationships, and trust!

  • In 4 months, I was able to help one organization increase engagement by over 25%.
  • When compared to similar business pages, pages I manage end up in the top 5 for reach, engagement, and clicks…every month.
  • I have been able to increase Facebook likes by 36%, comments by 73%, and shares by 56% in a matter of months with content-based strategies.
  • When my organic posts were previously compared to paid advertising posts, there was only a 1% difference in engagement. Organic can work for your business if you do it right!

My strategies are data-based, tested, and proven successful again and again.

Veterans have unmatched skills from their time in service that civilian entrepreneurs won’t be able to beat. Military spouses and veterans have the flexibility, versatility, and patience to be not only good, but excellent entrepreneurs. You can do this!

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