Emotional First Aid:

Immediate Relief From Intense and Painful Emotions

Are you looking for no B.S. answers about how to manage your physiology and neurology to level up your mood, motivation, relationships, and results?

Learn ten simple techniques to instantly manage even the most difficult emotions.

Go from:

Hurting, Fearful or Chaotic ➡️ Calm, Confident, & in Control.

Proven, science-based, effective.

As additional bonuses, you will have 1 Month of access to the private community where you get:

  1. Practical tools for emotional regulation for yourself and the people who matter to you.

  2. In-depth conversations about the neurology and physiology of emotion and relationships.

  3. Methods for applying scientific knowledge about the nervous system to improve work performance, relationships, and mental health

  4. Interviews with experts

  5. Case studies

  6. Live Q&A sessions with trained emotional intelligence coaches

  7. Opportunities for free and discounted 1-on-1 coaching sessions

    1 month of access to the Emotional Intelligence Community for FREE ($7/mo after - normally $27/mo)

When you can gain instant relief from any intense or painful emotion using our Emotional First Aid techniques, you finally have the confidence to tackle those difficult people and situations, AND because you remain in full possession of your faculties instead of being derailed by intense emotions, you also now have the ABILITY to do or say what you need to. This means you are in the driver’s seat of your life, and you can get the outcomes that you want and need.

“I’ve been finding myself using your emotional first aid stuff constantly, and most of the time I have a very tangible peace that I just have to calmly wait and it will pass.”


Start to master your emotions!

Emotional resilience is important, because life is going to offer us a continual parade of emotional challenges, and our partners and family members have a particular knack of pressing on our emotional triggers. The ability to return to a baseline of calmness and clarity after an emotional upset is an essential life skill.

If you don’t have good emotional resilience skills, you can quickly develop a feeling of being unsafe with people who repeatedly trigger you.

And if you don’t have a good internal sense of psychological safety in a situation, it can become impossible to access emotional resilience that you might have available in other situations.

So, of course, if your emotional resilience isn’t the best AND you’re not feeling psychologically safe, everything goes to pieces pretty fast.

There is one core SKILL that enables emotional resilience, and using that skill consistently builds a long term sense of psychological safety.

That skill is emotional regulation - and practicing Emotional First Aid regularly will build that skill, so you can enjoy resilience and safety for the long term

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As soon as you begin the program, you experience immediate relief and excitement. As you learn how to use the tools, you develop long term confidence, peace and joy, and you step into the role of master of your own destiny, using the tools to shape your life and your experiences to fulfill your purpose.

As soon as you join the Emotional Intelligence private community, you will find key resources pinned to the “Featured” section, including powerful tools to regulate emotional responses, increase focus and motivation, and improve long term relationships.

You will have access to the entire history of posts in the group, including all discussions and replays of live events.

You will be able to ask questions and get guidance immediately for whatever issues have been consuming your energy and attention. You are no longer worrying about how to deal with these complexities on your own.

The confidence and peace of mind that comes from having this powerful resource at your fingertips is incredibly liberating.

So once you join, introduce yourself, ask questions, check our the resources, and enjoy your membership in the Emotional Intelligence Private Community!

“Very informative, eye-opening, helping my evolution which is the main purpose of taking the workshop. Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field. I love that she has an approach from psychological and spiritual perspectives. She has a friendly tone and I felt supported.”


“Jenny is awesome, she has so much know-how. The way she responds to people’s questions really shows she knows what she is talking about. She is living this material and not just regurgitating it from some mental source.”



Does Emotional First Aid Work on Panic Attacks?

  • Yes - EFA works directly on the physiological level. We have seen several cases over the years where these practices stop panic attacks in their tracks!

How Much Time Do These Practices Take?

  • There is no extra time involved, most of these exersizes can be done as you go about your daily life.

How Fast Does It Work?

  • These techniques work within seconds and a few others may take a couple minutes for the full effect to be introduced, but the relief is fairly immediate.

What If I Don't Remember How To Use Them When I Need Them?

  • Through the support in the group, we will help you develop these techniques so that way your body automatically knows what to do in times of distress, that way you won't need to remember - your body will for you.

Are These Techniques Safe?

  • Absolutely - these are all things that your body can do naturally, it is just if you have developed bad habits due to stress or trauma before, it may have forgotten, our intention is to help you retrain it properly.