Next-gen Social Media strategies for your Veteran or Milspouse business.

Veteran Entrepreneurs


You served honorably. But then came the job hunt and hiring managers just squinted and said, “Got it. ‘Murica. But what is it that you do exactly?”…

…so now you own a business.

Perfect! I love that because you’re not just a boss. Uncle Sam trained you to win. But you guys, it’s a different world outside the uniform. There’s a raging river separating you from the world of civilian consumers. Don’t sweat it, though.

I’m your bridge.

Military Spouse Entrepreneurs


I know what you gave up to support your warrior, family and nation. But the whole “Oh, you’re a milspouse?” , “Oh, you’re moving soon” nonesense beat your career down like it stole something, didn’t it?

The great thing is you own a business now! You’re in control. And success means opportunity for not just you but other spouses, now and in the future. All you need is a crush-worthy Social Media presence to grow your audience.

I’m so here for that! I got you, babe.


I’m not like other Social Media Mentors…


Civilian consumers don’t come from your world. But I know theirs, very well…because I am one!  I know how they think. Plus, I’ve spent years marketing to the buying patterns of Social Media users. Put it all together and I’m a dangerous weapon to have on your side!


I spent years mentoring the military and its support community as a Director of Marketing for the US Army. I’ve honed those skills and now specialize in merging civilian market behaviors with Social Media strategies tailored for military-minded entrepreneurs.



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By the end, I’ll make you a better business owner.

Level up with me as your mentor and consultant…

You’re going to change. Here’s how…

  • You learn who your audience is, what they like and why they make buying decisions.
  • You learn their language and how to speak and communicate naturally with it.
  • You show up where your audience is, knowing exactly what to do there.
  • Relationships bloom. Now people understand you and your company. Sweet!
  • Things start heating up because now they’re talking about your brand to each other.
  • All that talk creates leads. Leads become sales. Sales means more money.
  • More money, more control. More control equals more freedom.
  • More freedom means you get to shape your life how you see fit.

Don’t wait. Contact me today and build your Social Media Empire!

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